Oct 8, 2008

The Presidential 2nd debate: US Elections

Last night we watched the 2nd presidential debate b/w Obama & McCain - the same shot & volley of charges, insinuations & counter attacks. Very boring. I don't like either of them & if McCain hadn't chosen Palin & somewhat curbed his hawkish stand of Iran & Russia, I may well have supported him. For me, Obama's abstaining from voting on various senate bills is symptomatic of a larger malaise. I don't like diplomacy & constant shift in positions. It's sad that McCain is now doing the same thing on questions of deregulation & the health of the economy.

Since ydays debate was in a Nashville townhall where both candidates answered the audience directly, the questions were more wide ranging & interesting than the one's they'd faced in the earlier debates. when asked, "What sacrifices would you ask the American ppl to make to tide over he current conomic crisis", not one of them said that the most important thing was that the people had to learn to live within their means. This is revealatory of the kind of bull shit our politicians dole out in the name of straight talk. Not one of them has EVER addressed the question of individual households overspending; all they harp on & on like a broken record is overspending in the govt, budget cuts, etc. Bastards, all of them!

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