Oct 20, 2010

An Obituary

When Maureen Dowd does sarcasm, it's enough to make even a Saifina shrivel in embarrassment. I suspect not too many men like her writing. She is scathing, bitter, understandably angry and cursed with a keen mind. Uhuh, we don't want those qualities in our women, thank you.

I follow her columns and she cracks the whip at the obstructionist right-wing loonies like Sarah Palin, Glen Beck & Rush Limbaugh quite regularly. It usually makes for funny reading. Today's piece is poignant. It is not simply about Palin and her cronies. It mourns, rightly so, the passing away of a way of life, of a set of values, of a breed of people. What i especially liked about it is that she has chosen a controversial and much mocked at figure like Marlyn Monroe to make her point. It takes a special kind of empathy to discover the woman Monroe was beneath the layers of make-up and dolled up poses she struck, and it surely takes a special kind of interest to try to unravel the truth about people before you write them off. Read this piece. I'm sure you'll love it as much as I did.

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