Nov 17, 2010


The other day I was talking of 'perfection' with a friend. To me El Greco's 'Christ on the way to Cavalry', Beethoven's Ode to Joy, Graham Greene's 'The Power & the Glory', fall landscape in Vermont, the matte orange hues of the Grand Canyon, and the river bank at Pahalgaon in J&K are all examples of perfection. Yet, none of these are within our grasp. There is another kind of perfection that lies within our reach. This picture tells the story of that perfection.


ramblings said...

n i think that needs a lot of working on too, its usually not handed on a platter! :) The perfect moment would be a culmination of lots of things...wrt to this pic/moment atleast.

drift wood said...


Am in two minds actually - there is a part of me which agrees with you (hence i wrote that such perfection is within our grasp), but there is another more obstinate part which insists that it shouldn't be like that; that such perfection should flow freely and naturally. Makes any sense?

ramblings said...

:) actually it does make sense. mebe its like this falling in love, and being in love thing...??!