Dec 28, 2010

Random Flash Fiction

I was exploring flash fiction and came across this. The year is nearing its end and i've read many books, watched some memorable films and the one thing that has stayed in mind is the miraculous, transforming power of love. of course, a very special book about the story of Rumi and Shams of Tabriz cemented the idea in my mind; it set the stage, you may say. But events unfolding around me and other stuff i read or watched, seemed to affirm this idea that the measure of any love is gauged by its powers of transformation. The transformation is never in question, but what we should question is the nature of the change. I remember telling this to L many years ago, p'haps before i could fully comprehend it myself. I loved this little tale for it speaks of such a transformation. Do let me know if it doesn't leave you with a smile on your face.

Inside Out

They had known each other a few years.
She was nice. He knew she liked him.
But she was just average-looking. He couldn’t settle for that.
One weekend, she asked him to the movies. She was intelligent, funny, easy to
be with.
After four months of dating, she became a stunning beauty.

Erica Schalow
Atlanta, GA

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