Mar 24, 2011

Whimsy: Doubt is

....  as insidious, itchy, & persistent as the sting of the bed bug.

... as calamitous as the toddler's frivolous blow to the house of cards.

... permanent as the names you carved beneath the wooden bench.

... as devastating as a prima donna's first wrinkle.

... as hopeful as a death-row inmate.

... as resigned as a passport applicant.

*********************************************************** *********
Try as she might, the key did not turn. After a quick frustrating struggle, she realised the locks had been changed. When? Why - the thoughts raged within her. Not wishing to give in to the doubts that'd assailed her for the past few months, she broke the kitchen window and stepped inside. At first nothing seemed out of the ordinary, then she noticed the pictures.  Had so many people really grieved at her passing away?