Apr 12, 2011



Most of my wishful thinking and useless thoughts assault me during my commute to/fro work. That’s my favourite time of the day – whether it’s in the crowded compartment of a local train or inside the car. Wanted two things badly today. First, it would be nice if I could have some luchi, alur dum & chaler payesh, the kind my mom makes. Second, it would be splendid if I received a nice mail today .What kind of mail? I truly don’t know; am just aware that the craving is for some words that will soothe. Just some mid-life foolishness, I guess.

As I sat listening to Mohit Chauhan’s Ye Dooriyan, I wondered - is being apart better than togetherness? In my younger days, I’d not have thought twice before I answered this unhesitatingly. But now I’m not so sure. One of my favourite sections from the beautiful song goes like this:

“Kabhi hua ye bhi, khali rahon mein bhi,
Tu tha mere saath,
Kabhi tujhey mil ke, lauta mere dil
Ye khali khali haath,
Ye bhi hua kabhi, jaise hua abhi,
Tujhko sabhi mein paa liya….”

Such beautiful ambivalence in love - makes you realise that perhaps being together is not such a good idea sometimes; on the other hand, sometimes you will be surprised to find him in all the things around you. Nice thought, I’ll hold it close and be on my way now.


stonetemplepilot said...

melancholic beginning to the day uh! i'm sure the day would have turned out fine:)

drift wood said...


Could've been better but i aint complaining :)

Shoumitro said...

ghoti luchi+alur dum and bangal chaler payesh -- I'd die for that!

curious -- did the mail come? if not, maybe you will receive one soon... ^^

drift wood said...


How diff is the bangal chaler payesh from the ghoti version? i dunno, so asking.

ha! you know the story of the chatok pakhi hankering for rain? the mail is elusive, like most things. :)

Shoumitro said...

don't you know the bangal and ghoti styles of cooking vastly differ?
About payesh, i have not tasted any ghoti payesh but my bangal friends tell it tastes like mere dudh-bhaat :( never mind if you are a ghoti ;)