Sep 14, 2011


When you knocked me over
For serving the burnt crust,
When we dated and you
returned to find the tyre’d burst.
When your house was flooded,
And you cursed the rain and my stormy passion.
When wishes made on eyelashes didn’t come true,
But reprimanding me seemed the latest fashion.
When the milk turned rancid,
And the puppy went missing,
While the garden turned barren,
Long nights you spent tossing,
Cursing my rotten deed.
It strikes me as odd,
Not once did you think,
I could be harmless.


vaidegi j said...

somehow sends a chill down the spine, not sure why! classic stuff. come out with a collection...

drift wood said...


I will, if u promise me a hefty advance! :)
Thanks a bunch. You're kind, as always.

D said...

This was heartfelt.

drift wood said...


Only you'd say that. Thanks.