Nov 26, 2011


A colleague in Denmark who recently quit the company and relocated to Germany wrote me a mail describing the new workplace, travel involved, search for a house, etc. He mentioned, "I can feel this move will change me in several unknown, unseen ways but I guess it'll all be for the good in the end. I try and remain stoic but the prospect of all those dialysis machines leaves me wondering what good is life about anyway."

Dumb me jumped to conclusions and dashed off a mail immediately remarking that i wasn't aware he was relocating for health purposes and commiserating with his misfortune, et all. PL replied later explaining that the 'dialysis' reference was solely due to the fact that the Communications department of this huge hospital was located on the same floor as the nephrology section and he passed them daily on his way to his office. He thanked me for my 'kind mail' but assured me that he was in perfectly fine health.

If stupidity can kill, i would be playing the harp in heaven now. Aaaaargh! 


indiana said...

me personally am dumb/stupid when it comes to dancing!:)

drift wood said...


awww! Then i guess u just gotta make sure you make the other dumbs dance to your tune :)

Dr B said...

guess the word 'prospect' waylaid you :-)

Anonymous said...

I had an ever increasingly wide smile as I 'red' this. :)


drift wood said...


:) cute