Jan 10, 2012


I learnt I am nobody

Did you too?

Why the pallor? Despair not.

There’s a pair of us yet.

Don’t show it,

That you have me around.

They’d banish us, you know,

Bury us underground.

Relish the thought,

You are invisible,

Truly free,

Neither the volcanic ash,

Nor the minstral, can stop your departure.

Didn’t you find it dreary,

To pose for the camera the livelong day?

To perfect the collagen pout,

And colour the hair,

Modulate your clear voice,

And tone your skin?

I know you did,

‘cause I did too.

Terrible it is to be somebody!

How like a frog

To tell your name the livelong day

To an admiring bog!


vaidegi j said...
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Anonymous said...

Began the year with a bang!

Your versatility never ceases to amaze me. :)


D said...


Somehow, this reminds me of a very frustrated girl trying to coach an ignoramus about the nuances of opening a door with a song instead of beauty. :)
Absolutely splendid work. Just go back and read your posts in 2007. See if they dont make you squirm :)

drift wood said...


You remain kind even in the new year :) Thanks as always.


You're back!!
Along with the compliment you HAD to remind me of the older posts, uh? meanie moose :(

jd said...

a very nice poem :)

“ frog in a bog” I’m sure is not terrible. You see generally a bog has more than one frog. So he/she cannot really feel terrible with the other nobodies around ! . and they jump around a lot!!. But that’s beside the point of the poem I know and I’m rambling :)

drift wood said...


Poetry never has any point; it just IS - sitting quiet,putting a smile on some faces. Or didnt you know? :)