Aug 25, 2011

Click the Shutter

To be a good writer,

you must never be satisfied loving only those who loved you in return,
you must learn to paint beyond red and sing beyond the seventh note,
you must learn to balance hopeless fatalism and fragile hope as you burn,
you must click the shutter when people reveal themselves,
you must be ready to grant forgiveness when the wounds turn scabrous,
you must learn to stand tall in the midst of lies and dead leaves,
you must enjoy the power you wield,
to quicken the pulse as Cinderella returns,
to wipe unshed tears as Othello learns, 
to unshackle dystopian myths,
to teach them that we are the breakers of our own hearts,
to help them find words for all the things they left unsaid.


indiana said...

nothing's been as thought provoking as this entry in your blog in recent times. it's brilliant.

drift wood said...


Thanks, da.

D said...


Loved the title, the line you've used it so effectively. Very nice, girl.

vaidegi j said...

ure into poetry, seriously. and it is so damn good.
harsh truths flung lyrically! :)

drift wood said...

D & V:

That feels good. Thanks :)