Aug 14, 2011

... a joy forever



Shoumitro said...

The enchanter!

One of my younger uncles once told us how he and his gang would leave their front seats and start dancing the moment Shammi Kapur appeared on the screen :)

drift wood said...


Absol! You know, along with Dev Anand, he was perhaps the only actor who got away on account of sheer charm. I don't think either were great actors, but they were 'stars'. I am told, in our age, it is Salman who represents that breed. Every time i hear that, i go yuck :(

drift wood said...

You know, there's this film Jaanwar where he's paired with saira banu. He usually played these brash, loud roles. But in this one Rafi song in the film 'Ehsaan tera hoga mujhpar', he's been picturised so soulfully, so beautifully, i cant tell you. Check it out on Youtube if you dont know the song.

Shoumitro said...

come on, salman entertains!

Anonymous said...

He was one of his kind! Really, a superstar.